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Anne Fowler

D E C O R A T I V E   A N T I Q U E S   &   P A I N T E D   I N T E R I O R S

Welcome to Anne Fowler Decorative Antiques and Painted Interiors

Now AT 35 Long Street, Tetbury, this is a shop with a relaxed, light style. ‘We take a fresh approach to the decorative antiques business, mixing painted and upholstered furniture with modern paintings, stone and linen, and some industrial items.’

Here you will see everything for the interior, and some garden furniture and objects too.

From mirrors to stone, linen to painted wood, early prints to contemporary paintings, you will find it all in Anne Fowler’s shop.

07973 317683

01666 504043

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm